We are situated in an area rich in its historical past and hugely conscious of its natural heritage and Eco-sensitive surroundings.

Our safe, tranquil beaches are for walking and swimming, beautiful in the windless and mild winter days.

Various Eco hikes, 4×4 Eco trails and biking trails are available with an opportunity to spot some of the abundant bird life and diverse Fynbos.

A most popular excursion has become a boat trip to the “Bush Pub”. This is situated along the river with many interesting features to see and experience.

To reach the opposite side of the Breede River from Witsand to Cape Infanta, people have to make use of one of the only hand-operated ferries in the world. This is known as the Pont and is operated from sunrise to sunset.

Witsand is renowned for all kinds of water sport, swimming, surfing, wind surfing, deep sea fishing and river fishing, rock boat and fly fishing, river cruises, canoeing, sailing, spear fishing and snorkeling.