WJ Crafts (Witsand Gift Shop)

Jana Wegewarth
Mobile: 084 463 2779
Email: wjcrafts@gmail.com

WJ Crafts is a lovely gift shop that is situated at the entrance of Witsand. We do all types of crafts, framing of certificates to very large mirrors, and make up any gifts as per request.

Our speciality is woodwork – for example coffee tables, table centres that turns or anything you can think of!

Jana is also the organizer of the craft market that is held over the Easter- and Christmas periods. You don’t need to travel all the way with gifts taking up place in your car, come visit our market, you will be surprised at all the beautiful goodies that can be bought here. We also cater for birthdays, so do yourselves a favour, come and visit our craft market at the Sand’s complex or visit the market at the bowling club.

For specific or special orders, contact Jana directly.


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