The Sands Supermarket

George and Judy





Oom Mike

George Cassar and/or Judi Haigh-Smith
Telephone: 028 537 1800
Facsimile: 028 537 1765
Mobile: 082 575 9194 (George) or 082 479 7905 (Judi)

This supermarket is ideally situated at the entrance to the quaint village called Witsand. Here we have everything and anything you could think of. And what we don’t have, we will order for you. We believe that our customers are our bread and butter and we treasure one and all.

We have a satellite Postal Office that is run by one of our employees. Mail is collected from Heidelberg and distributed in the necessary post boxes which are easily accessible by the residents of the village. Should you have a letter and/or parcel that need to be sent, we are happy to assist you there as well. Need to send that most important post card? No need to worry, we will do this with pleasure; we even sell stamps as well. And, most important of all, we have that ever so elusive Lotto machine – yes we sell tickets as well and make pay-outs (should you be so lucky!).

We offer service of a high quality and always strive to better and improve our ways. We would like to think that we have everything you might need, from toiletries to food to fruit and vegetables and fresh meat products. We have a section which completely on its own where you can buy any household items. We also sell bait and tackle, the fisherman’s most important tools! And for the children we have toys and puzzles galore. We also have DVD’s that you can rent. We sell the daily newspapers and get all the latest gossip by bringing you the latest magazines. Fresh bread is brought from Heidelberg on a daily basis.

We have a FNB auto teller inside the shop where money can be withdrawn. Should you run out of gas, do not fear, we will assist you by replacing your tank for you. No more petrol? Do not stress, we have petrol and diesel.

Our friendly staff is looking forward to welcoming you to our shop and will gladly assist you where needed.


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