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Whale watching

It was the Southern Right whales that put Witsand on the map, especially in the 90’s, because San Sebastian Bay is considered the “whale nursery of South Africa”.

Whale counts over the years

  • 2005 – total 131, 56 calves;
  • 2006 – total 141, 69 calves;
  • 2007 – total 98, 41 calves;
  • 2008 – total 162, 62 calves;
  • 2009 – total 75, 35 calves;
  • 2015 – total 85, 40 calves;
  • 2011 – total 124, 49 calves


4 x 4 Routes

The route originated in the middle 80’s when tractors used the road. The present 9 kilometers can be seen as a nature route due to the fact that there are various points on the farm where you can look onto the sea. An extra special treat is to be on the dunes from June till November when the whales come to Witsand to calf. A tougher route is a grade 3 to 4 route. This route can only be tried under the guidance of a trained guide.

Contact the owners Guy or Lorraine Moodie.

Ostrich Trails

Waterkloof Guest House: Have you ever seen 50 ostriches come sprinting across a field toward you or held a day old chick in your hand? Then our farm is the best place to experience this. Our ostriches are gathered up by Border Collies. We are set amongst the magnificent backdrop of the Langeberg mountain range, combined with typical farming activities of the area. Words do not do justice to this truly unique farming method. Come and experience South African hospitality with ostrich cuisine at its best as well as ostrich products for sale.

Contact the owners Hannes or Christine Uys .

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The pont in Malgas is the last hand operated pont in Southern Africa used for vehicle and cattle crossing across the Breede River.

Safe beaches offer tranquil walking and swimming. Beautiful in the windless and mild winter days. Bird watching (+/- 260 species) of which the Blue Crane, Flamingo, Ostrich, a variety of herons, Fish eagle and Kingfishers are all part.